Duci - Tingle Your Tastebuds

Published: 29/05/2022 By Ben Court

Following an impressive dinner at the pizzeria across the road, the Italian themed evening was topped off with a gelato from the gelateria ‘Duci’. As you walk in you are welcomed by an array of flavours and colours infront of you – you are then also caught by indecision! Are you tempted by the creaminess of the Stracciatella or the selection of fresh sorbets?...  After eventually going for a very standard Vanilla and Café I was not disappointed!!

Above the entrance, Duci promises "gelato & more". Having scrupulously scanned the menu, I find a selection of sweet delights from ice cream cakes, brioche sandwiches filled with your choice of ice cream (apparently this is enjoyed as breakfast in Sicily!), cannoli and other treats. Safe to say, this will serve my sweet tooth well - particularly entering the summer period!
All in all it was a very enjoyable trip to little Italy for the team.