Napoli on the Road - A Taste of Italy

Published: 29/05/2022 By Ben Court

Napoli on the Road is a quaint little Italian restaurant that specialises in Sourdough Pizza located in the heart of Chiswick on Devonshire road. The traditional Italian décor coupled with a lemon tree in the middle of the table offers the authentic feeling of being sat in a lemon grove on the Amalfi Coast; plus, the charm of the restaurant offers an alternative to the standard pizza chains that you find scattered on Chiswick High Road...

This quirky establishment offers a selection of starters (Arancini, Parmigiana and Frittatina to name a few) each more delectable than the last. After devouring these, a classic pizza called the ‘Diavola’ was the right choice for me: the spicy salami combined with the chilli oil they had available was an eruption of flavour and heat. Other members of the team went for the fresh veggie Ortolana, the flavoursome Capricciosa, and the fiery “We’re on Fire” pizza for choice. The smokiness of the wood fire could be tasted in the thick (but surprisingly light) dough, and all plates were swiftly mopped clean.

If you need proof of their popularity, just watch the stacks of pizza boxes being manoeuvred out to moped drivers, hungrily waiting for their delivery every few minutes.

This pizzeria should definitely be on the list of must-try eateries if you have a hankering for sourdough pizza!